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  Solar powered infra-red beam| Wireless perimeter protection | JN Star | JNStar

Solar-powered infra-red dual-beam set (20 - 200m options)

A sophisticated dual-beam set comprising an emitter and a receiver. The little solar panel on top of each unit keeps the internal battery continually topped up, and the system will happily work with no external power source, even in our unreliable climate. 

A variety of beam-lengths is available, from 20m to a whopping 200m, allowing you to protect very long stretches of perimeter incredibly economically. Up to 99 beam sets can be used on a system, depending on the receiver selected.

Prices as follows (select from pull-down menu):

20m  -  £149

40m  -  £169

60m  -  £189

100m  -  £219

200m  -  £349

Beam alignment is surprisingly simple, and an audible beep is provided to confirm correct alignment. For longer beams (60m and above), our little laser pen is a very useful installation aid.

Beam Lengths


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