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Over / under-temperature GSM Alarm

Designed for use in rearing-sheds, piggeries, greeenhouse etc. where an undetected critical change in temperature could prove catastrophic. The system incorporates a digital temperature module with a separate wired sensor. The module is extremely versatile, with a host of programming options for maximum flexibility. The threshold temperature can be adjusted from -50 to 99 celcius, and the unit can be set to alarm on over-temperature or under-temperature. Incase the temperature problem is due to power-failure, this system incorporates a 12V battery backup, which is kept continually trickle-charged by the mains, and takes over when the mains fails.

When triggered, the GSM dialler will automatically send text messages and voice calls to up to ten phone numbers.

Additional temperature modules (listed separately) may be connected to the GSM dialler, for example to protect several bays in the same shed. If different text messages are required for each bay, you'll need to upgrade to our 4-channel GSM dialler. 



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