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  Active Dual-Beam Gateway Alarm | Driveway Alarms

Active Solar Dual-Beam Gateway Alarm

A 20m active solar-powered dual beamset combined with a single-channel receiver / buzzer. The transmitting range from the beam to the receiver is about half a mile (800m). The dual beam provides very high immunity to false alarming from foliage, birds etc. The two beam units (one each side of the driveway or track) have a built-in 15-day battery pack, which is kept continually charged by a small solar panel on the top of each unit. Even in continual darkness, the units will function for more than a fortnight, making them ideal for the unpredictable British climate.
If a beam unit is to be located in permanent shade, we have a little
solar booster on a wire that can be placed in a sunnier spot and connected to the beam.
The single-channel receiver will accommodate just one set of beams, so if you would like the option to expand the system in the future, an upgrade to the
6-channel receiver adds just £30 to the system.
This system includes a 20m beamset. We have beams up to 200m long, which can be seen
here. If you'd like to tailor your system to suit your requirements, please give us a call on 01573 440761.



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