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8-zone receiver / control panel

The brains of a comprehensive wireless farmhouse alarm system. The control panel will communicate with up to 64 sensors of various types, grouped into eight zones. It features an on-board keypad for arming and disarming, 24-hour battery backup, fail-safe anti-jamming protection, a receiving range of up to half-a-mile when used with our external sensors and a whip antenna and a host of useful programming options.

DO NOT comfuse this with cheap DIY systems, which operate on the 433MHz wavelength shared with hundred of wireless gizmos from car alarms and garage doors to central-heating thermostats and imported driveway alarms. The wavelength we use is 173MHz, which is reserved for this system and perhaps one or two others in the UK. This means that the chances of interference from other devices, or deliberate jamming are virtually nil.



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